some thoughts

about things that bother me

Guess winter jacket

Just bought Guess winter jacket.. Good looking thing, black color, nice material.. BUT it’s not possible to wear it if you have a beard.. Because zipper doesn’t have that small triangle over the top to prevent hairs to stuck inside.


Ok, I have beard veryou rarely and can live with it.
BUT this jacket have one other major minus, it does not have hanging loop, personally I think it’s not cool..


Oculus rift

It will be some time, until there will be some usage for VR glasses..
First impressions: ok it’s cool, but only few of all available apps are usable..
I understand that it’s for development but resolution is terrible..
I don’t like it..


After calling all possible shops I got few 7950 radeons.. And they are making me 1LTC a day. And generating enough heat to replace 1KW electric heater..

And difficulty is rising.. And it’s only 0.7ltc per day..

PS3 is so slow

I dont know how about ps4 but ps3 is so f-kin slow.. GT5 installed like 40minutes.. Thats not cool Sony..


Let’s try how it is to mine Litecoins..

Apple macbook charger

It was painful to realize that my wife’s new MacBook Air power adapter has different connector than my 1year older model.

New socks

It’s annoying that some new socks are sewed together so tough that it’s impossible to get them appart without scissiors.


This device is not as good as it sounds in the beginning. (:
Or don’t trust everything you read on the internet.


Got Playstation 3 today.. For cheap..  Yeah, i know ps4 is coming.. Nothing special.. Dont like the graphics, but i like it more than xbox 360..
So it will be nice device for my 4year old son.
UPDATE after about few weeks:
I Don’t like PS3.

2 days

Sometimes you can do more in two days than in two weeks.

iPhone in-ear headphones

Maybe its because of the rubene material but iphone headphones tangled 1000x less than sony’s.

Sony xperia z again

F*** sony… After some small boat riding in rain i got water in photo lens. Lets hope everything will be ok. But thats not very nice from you Sony..
And HDR mode is also under any critics.

Visual studio uninstall

That process took me “only” one hour..

Apple appstore

Most of the games cannot be installed on my kids ipad because it doesnt have camera.

Work / home

When i have much to do at work and cant get home till late i think about so  many things that i could do at home. Today I got home early and have nothing to do.

Android 4.1 VS Battery

Just disabled Google+ … Battery holds for 30% longer. My Xperia Z now goes without charging for 2 full days. (with talking, internet, fotos and audiobooks etc.)

Sony Xperia Z update

After water got into my xperia – USB port stopped to function. I waited for one week and hoped it will dry out but with no luck. So i did some magic with water indicators (because i thougt that it’s easier than explain to service agent that it was not my fault) and gived phone to guaranty service. After 2 weeks they called and said that they reinstalled firmware and phone is ok. But i think phone just dried out compleatly and started to work by himself.
Anyway i think i would buy same phone again if this one fails.

Adobe Cloud

I bought Adobe CS5.5 design premium pack one year ago.. for about 2000euro… now i took Adobe CC individual membership with discount for first year(based on previous purchase). Logically thinking i have 2 licences, but practically it seems that i have only one. So by getting about 200euro discount (in year) i loose 2000euro pack that works fine on some older computer. My solution is to cancel my membership after that year is done and start a new one so i can get back CS5.5 license. I just think it’s not fair.


Two year old phone and it’s already slow as hell. I think apple does it on purpose to force us to buy new phones.


Tracina ka pēc bilžu galerijas izskatīšanās nospiežot Back neaiziet atpkaļ uz rakstu. Bet tā savādāk normāls ziņu portāls.

Samsung’s 15€ mobile

There are some positive things about this phone: it’s just so small that you can loose it in your pocket; after two days of talking it’s still showing full battery; you can go to sleep earlier because it doesn’t have any internet.

Update: 6 days – 80% battery remaining (:

Update 2: 10 days – 60% remaining, and i got my sony back so willow contine test some other time.

Sony Xperia Z

Never go into sauna with your water resistant phone and jump in cold water afterwards. It’s just physics…


I like my Panasonic Multi-Arc shaver, but hate that its not possible to shave while it’s charging.

Canon 9000F MarkII scanner

Can’t believe that there are no image size properties for autoscan button. (on mac)

Kitchen knifes

Villeroy&Boch kitchen knife set looks good, but, it’s impossible to cut watermelon with them, because blades are so thick that i cant cut through it.