some thoughts

about things that bother me

Apple appstore

Most of the games cannot be installed on my kids ipad because it doesnt have camera.

Work / home

When i have much to do at work and cant get home till late i think about so  many things that i could do at home. Today I got home early and have nothing to do.

Android 4.1 VS Battery

Just disabled Google+ … Battery holds for 30% longer. My Xperia Z now goes without charging for 2 full days. (with talking, internet, fotos and audiobooks etc.)

Sony Xperia Z update

After water got into my xperia – USB port stopped to function. I waited for one week and hoped it will dry out but with no luck. So i did some magic with water indicators (because i thougt that it’s easier than explain to service agent that it was not my fault) and gived phone […]